Sweet Sound of Ping

Warm Good Night Kiss

I ended up marrying my fuck buddy after ten years, usually you don’t hear that kind of story. We both have had multiple partners in the past and just lived our life and did what we wanted to do. Honesty and physical attraction is what brought us to be so close with each other. We always had each other to fall back on and we still do.

We tied the knot last year and I am loving every minute of it! He is very handsome and we know how to please each other the right way after all these years. I spend as much time as I can with him but our work schedules are completely opposite.

He just surprised me on my birthday, we are going on a weeks vacation in a couple of months. I can’t wait to walk done the beach at sunset and get a warm good night kiss.

A Waste of Time

I got invited to a college party last night and I am not sure if I want to go or not. I know everybody will be bringing their significant other and I do not have one. I’m going to try calling Leeds escorts to see if I can get a date with them. I am only a freshman in college and I would going to a party full of juniors and seniors, so therefore I do not feel like getting made fun of because I am not bringing a date to the party. But since there are 100′s of parties each school year I am not to worried about missing one. I know everybody thinks it is a big deal, but to me it is just a group of people getting together, drinking beer and making fools of themselves.